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1 Crafting Amethyst Sword And Amethyst Axe Game Tips Where is The Dragon ?! (13:34) amethyst and axe crafting dragon game io is starve sword the tips where

2 NEW DRAGON, AMETHYST SWORD, ANIMALS, WINTER BIOME, Hammers!| New update (4:12) amethyst animals biome dragon hammers io new starve sword update winter

3 AMETHYST SWORD & PICKAXE! | vs 5 DRAGONS | Epic Gameplay (12:45) 5 amethyst dragons epic gameplay io pickaxe starve sword vs

4 Best Amethyst Base Ever Built And INSANE Dragon Escape ! (27:58) amethyst and base best built dragon escape ever insane io starve

5 Amethyst Team Hunger Games Best Team Servers TakeOver (36:38) amethyst best games hunger io servers starve takeover team

6 Trolling #2 Attacking Amethyst And Diamond Players With Wood And Stone Items !? (12:01) 2 amethyst and attacking diamond io items players starve stone trolling with wood

7 2 DRAGON HEART & RESURRECTION!! AMETHYST SWORD, PICKAXE! (7:15) 2 amethyst dragon heart io pickaxe resurrection starve sword


So Lucky! Crafting Legendary Rare Amethyst Sword & Pick - (10:50) amethyst crafting io legendary lucky pick rare so starve sword

9 Resurrection | Amethyst Army And Killing Bears With Wood PickAxe (33:39) amethyst and army bears io killing pickaxe resurrection starve with wood

10 Crafting Amethyst Helm And Totem Update | Winter Base (13:17) amethyst and base crafting helm io starve totem update winter

11 NEW AMETHYST HELMET! New update (3:10) amethyst helmet io new starve update

12 How to WIN against an aggressive Amethyst player! (▶LA◀ Clan) (4:19) against aggressive amethyst an clan how io la player starve to win

13 Easiest Way To Be Top-1 AMETHYST GEAR! ( Tips & Tactics) (10:13) 1 amethyst be easiest gear io starve tactics tips to top way

14 Wood PickAxe Vs Amethyst Gear ? Wood Axe Savages Destroying The Server (EU2) (29:12) amethyst axe destroying eu2 gear io pickaxe savages server starve the vs wood

15 Full Gameplay Best Moments // Amethyst (5:24) amethyst best full gameplay io moments starve

16 DIVING MASK, AMETHYST WEAPONS // Gameplay ( Update ) (9:37) amethyst diving gameplay io mask starve update weapons

17 How To Get To AMETHYST In The New Cave?! KRAKEN, Diving MASK! (9:47) amethyst cave diving get how in io kraken mask new starve the to

18 SUPER HAMMER / Full Amethyst (8:20) amethyst full hammer io starve super


STARVE.IO NEW AUTO COOK OVEN! All New Shovels! Amethyst, Gold, Diamond! ( New Update) (10:22) all amethyst auto cook diamond gold io new oven shovels starve update

20 New Recipes Button, Bread Oven, Spanner | Gold/Diamond/Amethyst Shovels ( Update) (5:51) amethyst bread button diamond gold io new oven recipes shovels spanner starve update
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